Flixn Features & Benefits

Secure P2P Calling & Chat
Aside from ensuring the highest video quality possible, peer-to-peer data transmission keeps your conversations private while allowing for encrypted file transfer and IM-style text chat.
Built For Business
Flixn can be tailored to satisfy many different use cases from enterprise customer and technical support to human resources and professional services. Easily integrate Flixn with your CRM to generate and track leads effortlessly.
Easy Setup, Intuitive Design
Adding Flixn to your website is as simple as embedding a couple of lines of code that we generate for you. All told, the software can be integrated in under 15 minutes. As well, Flixn's user interface is simple enough for people of all computer literacy levels to use. No instruction manuals required.
Flexible Architecture
Whether you're a small team or a large corporation with personnel worldwide, Flixn allows you to route video calls based on organizational structures exclusive to your business. Set up departments, groups, and employees, then select which ones should field calls from their respective areas of your website.
White-Label Branding
You've spent precious time and resources developing your brand and its design language. With Flixn, you can customize all customer facing graphics and UI elements to reinforce your brand and seamlessly provide technology that looks like you developed it in-house.
End-To-End Support
Our account executives can help you set up and troubleshoot your instance of Flixn Video Chat any time - day or night.

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The Flixn Group (Flixn, Inc.) is a Florida corporation headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee with satellite offices in the Orlando, Florida, and Salt Lake City, Utah areas. Founded in 2005, Flixn began during the Web 2.0 era as a simple in-browser webcam recording tool focused on the emerging social media space. By 2008, Flixn technology was being licensed to organizations ranging from the Fortune 100 to the latest Silicon Valley startup.

Flixn entered the enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) market in 2008 as a provider of custom cross-site user engagement tools, spending the next two years fostering innovation at some of the world's most visible and respected brands. Through these relationships, Flixn quietly became known as a disruptive force in the world of online video and collaboration, pairing intuitive, beautiful design with a deep technology portfolio to create new and immersive rich internet applications.

The Flixn Group's work can be found over a wide range of industries from healthcare and education to government and social media. Noted clients include Ancestry.com (NASDAQ: ACOM), Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO), and the Mayo Clinic.

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Chief Executive Officer
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Chief Operating Officer
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Chief Creative Officer
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